Vitro-Crete Surface Bre A ker

Vitro-Crete Surface Bre A ker is a water based pretreatment surface preparation liquid designed to facilitate rapid stock removal in the grinding process of concrete and terrazzo surfaces. It can be used on newly placed concrete and terrazzo as well as existing installations where initial grinding is necessary to achieve a diamond polished surface. The liquid can reduce labor and diamond steps that untreated surfaces would typically require and aids in the fast removal of previous scratch patterns.


  • Easy to apply
  • Saves grinding steps
  • Speeds cleanup
  • Saves labor costs
  • No VOCs
  • Excellent penetration
  • Environmentally safe, non hazardous
  • Reduces cost per square foot
  • Ready to use, no mixing required
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Sprint Anti-Drop

Conditions requiring protection that is completely invisible are perfect for “Anti-Drop”. Optimal water repellency, oil repellency, stain resistance, ease of application and mildew resistance are only a few of the benefits of this silicone free impregnator. The quality of the finish is not affected by the use of “Anti-Drop”. Polished, honed, and flame finishes retain their aesthetic qualities even after treatment with “Anti-Drop”. It is important to not e that there are no impregnators on the market that completely negate the adverse effects of harsh chemicals or weather, yet we find “Anti-Drop” will greatly reduce all types of deterioration to stone and porous cementitious materials. It is unquestionable the most superior product of it’s kind today!


  • Easy to apply
  • Ready to use, no mixing required
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Sprint Autolucidante

Self-Polishing Liquid Wax. Easy to apply, very fast drying, non-flammable, dust proof. Offers longlasting protection in indoor applications. Especially recommended to polish marble, stone and granites when traditional polishing cannot be used.


  • Easy to apply
  • Very fast drying
  • Non-Flammable
  • Dust Proof
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Vitro-Cut HD

The Vitro Cut HD, are design for the heavier machines. The 00 cuts as aggressive as a 50 grit metal bond diamond abrasive; however, it leaves a smooth scratch pattern since it is resin bonded. This eliminates the old problem of trying to remove the deep scratches left behind by expensive metal diamonds.


  • #1 cuts as aggressive as 30g resin but leaves a 50g finish.
  • #2 cuts as aggressive as 120g resin but leaves a 220g finish.
  • #3 cuts as aggressive as 400g resin but leaves an 800g finish.
  • #4 polishes to a 1800g finish.
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CCG 1700

Heavy duty 2.4 hp. 120v 60Hz. (220v 60Hz available through special order) 175 rpm. swing arm machine. 17'' diameter with center water feed, detachable full length handle that includes 2 pneumatic chemical operators, universal height adjustment and dual ''on-off'' power levers. 25 ft. power cord. Requires 20 Amp. dedicated outlet. Weight: 140 lbs. Machine with handle. Standard features include: All metal construction, totally enclosed fan cooled motor. 2 chemical resistant plastic dispensing units fo crystallizing chemicals. Single 2 gallon solution tank with ball valve for cleaning or as a coolant reservoir used during grinding. All tanks are easily removed. VMC's special drive pads and abrasives make for a quick job with professional results that rival the factory finish! A great machine for commercial or residential use.


  • Heavy duty 2.4 hp
  • 175 rpm
  • 120v 60Hz.
  • 17'' diameter with center water feed
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February 18, 2015

What is the best way to maintain polished marble and terrazzo floors?

There are many opinions when it comes to the best way to maintain polished marble and terrazzo floors. With regards to what is best, no one should claim – or can clai...

January 07, 2015

World of Concrete- 2015

Jeremy Hoang

VMC will be displaying our products at this years World of Concrete tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV. Please come by our booth #S10851 and let us show you what VMC can do to assi...

January 07, 2015

Changes in Shipping

Jeremy Hoang

Due to new standards in DOT regulations the VMC products V1, V2, Cristal, & Vitro-Crete B can now be shipped without any HAZMAT restrictions. This new policy will allo...

July 22, 2014

VMC Vitro-Crete Surface Bre A ker

Jeremy Hoang

 VMC TAC is proud to annouce our newest product Vitro-Crete Surface Bre A ker! Vitro-Crete Surface Bre A ker is a water based pretreatment surface preparation liquid ...

July 22, 2014

National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association Show 2014

Jeremy Hoang

 VMC TAC will be at the NTMA Show in Atlanta, GA Oct. 2-3 to meet with cusotmers & other memebers of the NTMA. 

July 22, 2014

ISSA Interclean 2014

Jeremy Hoang

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July 22, 2014

Concrete Decor Show

Jeremy Hoang

Normal.dotm 0 0 1 94 541 VMCTAC 4 1 664 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false ...

June 23, 2014

Stone Seminar

Jeremy Hoang

VMC Technical Assistance Corp. Cordially invites you to our three-day Stone Restoration Seminar. When: August 19th, 20th and 21st. Where: Our home office (8311 Eastpoint ...

January 06, 2014

2014 World of Concrete

Jeremy Hoang

 VMC TAC will be exhibiting at the 2014 World of Concrete at the Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada. Our booth is #S11450, please come by and see what's new...

September 16, 2013

Stone Seminar Oct. 15th & 16th

Jeremy Hoang

 Attention VA, MD and DC!!! VMC TAC will be teaming up with our distributor Daycon Products to host two days of stone seminars. Please contact your Daycon Product...

Mar-Tek Industries

Project Overview: A granite walkway that has lost it's luster.

Services: Restoration of a small area of black granite floor.

Products Used: Flex 603 VR, 3" Backer Pad, 3" Texas Copperhead Resins, 17" CCG1700, 17" Frankfurt 5-Seg. Drive Plate, 17"Steel Wool, VMC Granite Dark Granite Powder, VMC Cristal, VMC V3


Services: Full restoration of marble

Products Used: Vitro Cuts (16006), Spiders (11162), Tracker 503, 5X Powder (35052), VMC 30 (32002), V-2 (31002)

Mar-Tek Industries

Project Overview: Marble countertops in need of full restoration for a private residence in Dallas, TX.

Services: Complete diamond restoration, powder polish, & crystallization.

Products Used: CCG 1700, Vitro-Cuts, 5X Powder, VMC 30, Gorilla Pads, Cristal, V3, Steel Wool

Mid-Continental Restoration

Project Overview: 30+ year old exterior travertine.

Services: Professional cleaning & apply impregnating sealer.

Products Used: VMC ProKlenz & VMC KleerSeal Pro

eMart - Seoul, Korea

Project Overview: New hard troweled concrete floor, high shine desired.

Services: Crystalized using a high speed burnisher. No prior Grinding!!!

Products Used: VMC Vitro-Crete B & VMC V3

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